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Canning with Confidence: Pressure Canners

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a pressure canner with mason jars full of vegetables
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Take the pressure out of pressure canning.

Pressure canners provide the only safe method for preserving low-acid foods, such as green beans, meats, squash and pumpkin, and stews, soups, and broths. Only pressure canners can reach the required temperature of 240 °F to kill the deadly pathogen Clostridium botulinum. Learn how to safely can low-acid foods in this interactive session and receive tested recipes that help take the pressure out of pressure canning.

Presenter: Mary Liz Wright, Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator

About the Canning with Confidence Webinar Series

Canning is a home food preservation method that helps people extend garden harvests, save on food costs, participate in family traditions, and control the quality of food they eat. By following tested recipes and recommended food safety practices, home canners can create safe, shelf-stable products to enjoy throughout the year.

Learn how to can with confidence and discover proper techniques to safely use a water bath canner, steam canner, and pressure canner. Each webinar in this 3-week series will provide participants with directions, recipes, and resources to start canning safely and include a video demonstration showing each canner in action.

Want to learn about other food preservation methods? Watch recorded sessions that cover drying, fermenting, freezing, and pickling — and processing foods such as tomatoes, apples, and jams and jellies.

Explore Additional Webinars in the Canning with Confidence Series

Canning with Confidence: Boiling Water Bath Canners | Noon June 8

Water bath canning is a common method for preserving high-acid foods at home. Explore proper techniques to safely preserve high-acid foods such as pie filling, pickles, salsas, jams, and jellies with electric countertop and stovetop water bath canners. Extension canning experts will demonstrate how to fill canners and heat water to the proper temperature, load a canner with jars, and process jars safely. Participants will learn to preserve pie filling with a tested recipe and come away with resources to support a safe canning season.

Presenter: Susan Glassman, Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator

Canning with Confidence: Steam Canners | Noon June 15

Steam canning is a safe alternative to boiling water bath canning for preserving many high-acid foods, including most fruits, preserves, and pickled vegetables. Learn how to use a steam canner, become familiar with recommended food processing times, and watch a steam canner in action during a demonstration for making homemade jam — a food preservation project perfect for beginning canners. Participants will leave the session with recipes and resources to get started right away.

Presenter: Kristin Bogdonas, Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator

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