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Uncover secrets of the environment

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URBANA, Ill. - A team of University of Illinois Extension educators hope that by explaining the natural world, people will better understand the delicate balance of how living and nonliving things interact in today's world. The free online webinar series continues weekly at 1 p.m. each Thursday through June. 

"Our actions, large and small, have an impact on our natural resources," says Erin Garrett, Illinois Extension educator. "By better understanding how our natural world works, on a large scale and close to home, we can be better prepared to make informed decisions that support the health and vitality of our ecosystems.” 

The Everyday Environment online webinar series will help individuals understand and consider choices which will protect natural resources. One must register for each webinar by clicking the webinar title. If you need reasonable accommodation to participate in programming, one may contact the presenter. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting your needs, Garrett says.

Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, May 21 | 1 PM
How is water quality in Illinois? The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy guides the state's efforts to improve water quality at home and downstream by reducing nitrogen and phosphorus levels in our lakes, streams, and rivers. The strategy lays out a comprehensive suite of best management practices for reducing nutrient loads from wastewater treatment plants and urban and agricultural runoff. Learn how the strategy has progressed. Presenters: Eliana BrownKate GardinerHaley Haverback, and Jennifer Woodyard.

Woodpeckers in Illinois, May 28 | 1 PM
Woodpeckers are incredibly unique and have been around for millions of years. They require specific habitats and are very noticeable by their sound and movement. There are seven species of woodpeckers living in Illinois habitats. What many may not know is how critical woodpeckers are to some of our common backyard birds. Register for the webinar and hear the history of woodpeckers, how to identify them, and why they are important for many other species in the environment. Presenter: Peggy Doty.

Planning a Multipurpose Pond, June 4 | 1 PM
Thinking about building a pond on your property for wildlife, fishing, livestock, stormwater containment, fire protection, or other reason? Not sure where to start on site selection, sizing, estimating drainage area, overflow needs, or embankment requirements? Join us for a discussion of important considerations for designing and building a multipurpose pond. Presenter: Stanley (Jay) Solomon.

Explaining the Greenhouse Effect, June 11 | 1 PM
Most people have heard about the Greenhouse Effect, but many would not feel comfortable explaining the science behind it. This webinar discusses in simple terms the basic scientific processes that make the greenhouse effect occur and will explain the natural and enhanced greenhouse effect. It will also cover how atmospheric gas concentrations have changed in the last 150 years. Presenter: Duane Friend

Home Energy Check-Up, June 18 | 1 PM
Many of us are all too familiar with that feeling of dread when the electric bill comes each month. Just how much electricity did we use? How high is our bill going to be? Now is a great time to take a look around your home to better understand how you use electricity and to make some simple changes to help reduce your bill. Presenters: Ashley Belle and Erin Garrett

All About Clouds, June 25 | 1 PM
See various types of clouds, including unique clouds only seen in a few locations, and what weather is expected with each variety. Presenter: Duane Friend

Illinois Extension is the outreach effort of University of Illinois, extending unbiased, research-based information to help residents identify and solve local problems that build better futures for individuals, families, businesses, farms, and communities. Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.