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Hill and Furrow 2020

hands holding a telescope looking to the future

Crop disease forecast for 2021

Much of the 2020 crop has just been harvested, but it's never too early to discuss crop diseases in the forecast for 2021.  Did you come here thinking you might actually get some idea of what diseases will prove problematic next year? Good. Am I going to give you specific diseases for which...
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crop dusting airplane flying over corn field

Do you really know what's in your cornfields?

This article was also submitted to AgriNews. Cornfields across the state are at or nearing tassel, which means it is time to begin planning those fungicide applications to help manage fungal diseases. Before you spray, have you stopped to check what's in your cornfields?  Before a fungicide...
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mobile phone screen with an image of a corn and soybean field and a person in the field saying "hello"

Virtual Field Days Coming to a Screen Near You

The year 2020 has been out-of-the-ordinary, to say the least. Illinois Extension is utilizing web-based program delivery methods on a larger scale than ever, which leads us to one of the very few silver linings of our current circumstances: increased access to programs across the state.  One...
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corn seedlings

It's time to think about corn nematodes

The spring 2020 planting season season is moving right along, and as such, fields all over the state have great corn seedlings up and thriving. With the emergence of the new crop comes all of the concerns and worries that farmers must contend with throughout the growing season. Among those...
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Commercial Ag Webinar Series

Illinois Extension's Commercial Agriculture team has been working to put together a new webinar series targeted towards those in production agriculture in the state of Illinois. With the uncertainty around the likelihood of face-to-face programming for the summer of 2020, the team wanted to work to...
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hands holding an electronic tablet in a wheat field

Learn how to use your farm data effectively and efficiently

Agriculture is a numbers game now more than any other time in history. Precision agriculture and the integration of technology and location services has given farmers heaps and heaps of data. Don't get me wrong, data are great. But what are you doing with all of those data? Are you able to...
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