Encouraging Environmentally Sound Landscape Practices

Conservation@Home Cook County recognizes and certifies properties that demonstrate environmentally sound landscape practices. Through the Conservation@Home certification program, residents of Cook County have the opportunity to shape their private and community landscapes in a conservation-minded way with guidance and criteria provided for them. Below you will find criteria for homes, schools and community settings. 

This program is brought to you by the partnership of Forest Preserves of Cook County and University of Illinois Extension.

Cook County Yard Certification Process

For a one-time fee of $50, certified home gardeners will receive a Conservation@Home sign to post in their yard, a subscription to our seasonal newsletter, and early notifications/discounts during native plants sales. *Fee waivers are available for those with financial need. 

    Cook County Conservation@Home Criteria


    We've organized our resources into several topical themes to help you implement a sustainable landscape. Our resource collection represents best practices based on research-driven information.

    Landscape Design  -  Selecting Native Plants  -  Pollinator Gardens 

    Rain Gardens  -    Bird Gardening  -  Natural Lawn Care 

    Managing Invasive Plants  -  General Sustainable Landscape Practices

    Limiting Chemicals with Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

    Regional Native Plant Sales

    Conservation@Home is a program of The Conservation Foundation. University of Illinois Extension is pleased to be a partner.