Trauma-Informed Care for Teachers

The series of four classes is designed to introduce teachers to the ways trauma affects the brain, stress the importance of self-care in preventing burnout among teachers, and provide teachers with tools they can utilize in building a compassionate classroom. 

Introduction to Trauma, Compassion, and Resiliency: Participants learn how to recognize symptoms of trauma and vicarious (secondary) trauma, understand how trauma affects the brain and classroom learning, and explore the role of compassion and resiliency when working with students who have been exposed to trauma.

Self-Care for Teachers: In this workshop participants will explore different self-care strategies, learn tips for preventing burnout, and practice setting and monitoring self-care goals. Every teacher will leave with his or her own self-care action plan that can be implemented immediately.

Strategies for Building a Compassionate Classroom: In this workshop, both content and method will be illustrated including the Six Principles of Compassionate Instruction and Discipline, as well as the Three Domains of a Compassionate School Curriculum. Through the demonstration of games, projects, and activities, participants will learn strategies for building resilient learners.

Raising Mental Health Awareness: This workshop will help teachers identify signs of mental health challenges in youth, provide strategies for responding, and identify support resources.

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