Family Engagement


The Juntos 4-H Program empowers Latino youth at the 8th-grade level to support each other throughout high school and as they prepare to enter higher education. The program offers four components designed to create a supportive environment in which students can develop life skills, learning skills, and literacy skills for the 21st century.


  • Family Engagement:  Workshop series and family nights
  • 4-H Clubs: Academics, mentoring, life-skill activities, and community service
  • One-on-One Success Coaching & Mentoring Provided by an adult who helps youth achieve their academic goals
  • Summer Programming: Summer Academy and local 4-H programming

All meetings remain virtual until further notice.  

¿Qué es Juntos 4-H?
What is Juntos 4-H?
4-H in Cook County

In 4H programs, kids and youth complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture, and civic engagement in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a significant impact on all levels of education. Many of us have had to make tough decisions on the fly, canceling in-person programs, and most importantly helping our students and families transition to a virtual learning setting in a matter of days. Thus, face-to-face programming pivoted to an online paradigm shift.

"The DNA experiment was very fun. I would really like to do more experiments from home."                       
Student: Sebastian Pinto, Bremen High School