Family Engagement

The Juntos Program empowers Latino youth at the 8th-grade level to support each other throughout high school and as they prepare to enter higher education. The program offers four components designed to create a supportive environment in which students can develop life skills, learning skills, and literacy skills for the 21st century.

Mother and daughter having a realistic conversation.


  • Family Engagement: Workshop series and family nights
  • 4-H Clubs: Academics, mentoring, life-skill activities and community service
  • One-on-One Success Coaching & Mentoring Provided by an adult who helps youth achieve their academic goals
  • Summer Programming: Summer Academy and local 4-H programming

The Juntos Program was first developed by North Carolina State University in 2007 as the Juntos program,  however, it became known as Juntos 4-H in 2015, when the university developed a partnership with National 4-H Council with financial support.  This assisted the program to grow in both size and sustainability.  

¿Qué es Juntos 4-H?

What is Juntos 4-H?

Juntos 4-H in Cook County