School Garden Curricula and Lessons

Lesson Plan Collections

Cornell: Garden Based Learning Activities
Short, Stand-alone Lessons

Cornell: Garden Based Learning Curricula
Designed to be taught in multiple sessions, though specific activities can be pulled and taught on their own.

Dig In! Teachers Guide
Explore a world of possibilities in the garden and on your plate using ten inquiry-based lessons that engage 5th and 6th graders in growing, harvesting, tasting, and learning about fruits and vegetables. More information is also available at Dig In! At Home Parent Booklet and Dig In! Posters.

Eat What You Grow! A School Garden Safety Manual
The growing trend to bring healthier food into schools is coupled with the need to ensure that food grown on site is healthy and safe. Using the principles of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), which are guidelines that exist for production farms, and proper food handling procedures, this manual has been designed to provide safe oversights for school gardens.

Forty-Six School Garden Lessons
A sequenced set of lessons for pre-K through 5th grade to use in a school garden.

Garden Based Learning Lessons
From planting and harvesting ancient grains to using technology in the school garden, teachers in a Boston School Gardening program show and discuss how their students have learned from garden-based education. Check out the short PowerPoint presentations teachers made on diverse subjects for pre-kindergarten through 7th grade.

Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education
Nutrition Education in the Garden

Got Veggies?
A garden-based nutrition education curriculum created with the goal of getting children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Life Lab: Quick and Easy School Garden Lessons
The following videos demonstrate what we, here at Life Lab, refer to as "back pocket activities." These are all quick, easy, and highly engaging activities that require minimal preparation.

My First Garden
A guide to the world of fun and clever gardening. Includes information on garden planning, fundamentals and teacher's guide.

RHS: School Gardening Resources
Choose from activities, projects, lesson plans & other resources suited to your educational needs.

School Garden Lesson Plan Database
Search for school garden lessons

The Edible Schoolyard Project Lesson Plans
Discover free lesson plans and materials created by our program and partners

The Great Plant Escape
Discover the mysterious world of plants and their functions. Complete with middle school level case studies.

UGA Extension: School Garden Curriculum
These garden-based lessons are listed by grade level, and in grades K-5 are further subdivided into earth science, life science, and physical science topics.

Videos: Lessons in the Garden
School Garden Instructors Teaching Lessons

Seasonal Garden Activities for Youth