Gardening Events

Chicago Community Gardeners' Association Annual Gardeners' Conference

Chicago Flower & Garden Show
The tradition of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show can be traced back to 1847 when it was created as an exhibition of prized fruits and flowers. Today the Chicago Flower & Garden Show is all about inspiring, educating and motivating the next generation of gardener. Whether in a backyard, kitchen or rooftop, this is where green lovers and families go to discover ideas while having fun.

Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series
Welcome to Four Seasons Gardening - Skype for Business Webinar Series offered by Illinois Extension Horticulture Team.


Upcoming 2022 Illinois Native Plant Sales:

Native Plant Sales near Cook County:

Thorn Creek Audubon and Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve Native Plant Sale

Sag Moraine Spring Native Plant Sale

DuPage Forest Preserves Native Plant Sale

Citizens for Conservation’s Annual Native Plant Sale


Statewide Plant Sales:

Illinois Native Plant Society lists state-wide plant sales