Garden Installation & Maintenance


Building a Pollinator Garden: Learn how to remove existing vegetation to make space for a new garden.

Soil Test Labs: The best way to ensure a healthy and successful garden is to know the conditions of your site. Soil testing is an important component in planning a new garden. Find a list of recommended labs here.



What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?: Learn about IPM, a framework to help guide you through pest management, while minimizing environmental degradation and chemical use.

Plant Disease Identification and Control: Explore this resource to learn about how to manage plant diseases and help your garden stay healthy.

Seasonal Maintenance: Learn how to best prepare your landscape throughout the seasons, while practicing sustainable management techniques.

Seed Saving and Germination: Many of our native plants have seed heads that can be harvested in the fall - share these seeds with neighbors or participate in a local seed swap! Learn how to germinate these seeds in this resource from Prairie Moon Nursery.

Native plants in the winter.
Native plants left standing in the winter - a great way to provide wildlife habitat and give your landscape some aesthetic interest all year round. Credit: Abigail Garofalo
Weeding a garden - trowel and pulled weeds laying on ground.