4-H in Cook County

What's it like in 4-H?


In 4-H, you get to decide what topics and projects interest you most. You make 4-H what you want it to be. Work on many projects or focus on one or two. Choose what events sound fun to you, and do them. In 4-H, you have an important role in making your community a better place to live, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a club, you’ll figure out what’s needed most in your neighborhood and find ways to help.

In 4-H, you’re part of a family working together. At club meetings, you’ll learn how to get along with others as you build your skills and help your community. In 4-H, you’ll meet adults who care about you and want to help you succeed. 4-H matches you with mentors who will coach you in areas like problem-solving, communicating, and teamwork. 4-H introduces you to potential careers and then gives you the training to get the career you want.

You've found a home in Cook County 4-H


Regardless of who you are and the interests you bring, there's a 4-H program where you belong and feel welcomed. Not everyone finds their way to 4-H through the same door. Some start by joining a club. Others are introduced to 4-H through a joint program with another youth-serving organization. Still, others may start their 4-H journey through an experience at 4-H camp or one of a dozen other conferences. However, you've found us, know that you have a home. 

4-H's learning opportunities are intentionally designed around four essential concepts necessary for positive youth development: a sense of belonging with a positive group, independence and self-determination, a spirit of generosity toward others, and a wide variety of opportunities to master life challenges. We're the friend you've been looking for.

Our 4-H in Cook County staff can present each series at your school, after-school program, or organization anytime during the school year or summer.

If you are interested in bringing one of our programs to your location, please, contact our staff below.

2024 Mixed Feelings 4-H Camp

Please join us for a 4 week-long summer day camp focusing on health and wellness for youth entering 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. We aim to help youth learn how to lead lives that balance physical, mental, and emotional health.

Registration ends 05/10/2024

Your Thoughts Matter

Learn about mental health, how it affects people, and why it is vital to overall well-being.

Welcome to the Real World

An interactive learning simulation for youth that demonstrates how their decisions and the careers they choose affect the money they spend or save each month.

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Build Your Future

Teens explore their interests, learn about potential careers, how to start a business, and the steps needed to reach their goals.

ESI: Entrepreneurship Investigation

Youth will learn about entrepreneurship by investigating businesses in their communities. They will discover the traits of an entrepreneur and take a skills test to learn which entrepreneurial traits they have.

Health Rocks

Health Rocks

Teens face immense pressures to make unhealthy choices, including trying to vape. This comprehensive program teaches youth about healthy decision-making and avoiding alcohol and tobacco use.

Leap into Careers

Career exploration for elementary students. Grades: 3-5


My Financial Future

This project uses hands-on activities and real-life scenarios to help youth learn financial concepts and develop critical money management skills.


True Leaders: Culture, Power, and Justice

This youth development approach to social justice offers dynamic opportunities for youth to explore their identities, different cultures, new perspectives, and histories.

Fairs and Shows

2023 Illinois State Fair

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