Help Save Our Pollinators: Learn more about different types of pollinators, the services they provide to our environment, and how we can best support them.


Inviting Bees to Your Property: No Fear of Stings: This resource provides information about how to support bees and assuages anxiety about bee stings - especially helpful for school gardens!

5 Ways to Increase Nesting Habitat for Native Bees: Did you know that more than 90% of bee species in North America are solitary? This means that instead of hives, they lay their eggs and raise their young in tunnels in the soil, hollow stems, and other cavities. Learn how to provide nesting habitats for this essential type of pollinator.


Native Plant Gardening for Birds: The Chicago area is a part of the Mississippi Flyway - one of the major routes for migratory birds. Learn how to best support these birds on your local landscape with Chicago Bird Alliance.

All About Birdhouses: Learn about the different types, where to place them, and how to maintain them to keep them clean and free of harmful bacteria and disease.

Three Easy But Important Ways to Keep Your Bird Feeder Disease-Free: This article will teach you how to keep birds healthy by properly maintaining your bird feeders.

Wildlife Conflict & Management

Beneficial Bugs: Learn about the difference between "pests" and "good bugs".

Deer-Resistant Perennials: Tired of your garden serving as a buffet for your local deer population? Explore a list of perennial plants that are deer-resistant.

Wildlife Illinois: Learn all about our local wildlife, how to manage conflicts and nuisances, and report sightings.

Endangered and Threatened Species

Illinois Listed Species: Learn about our local endangered and threatened species.

Rusty pathed bumblebee on marigold flower.
Rusty patched bumblebee (Bombus affinis) - Endangered species (federally and in Illinois)
American goldfinch perched on flower.
American goldfinch (Spinus tristis) - A common migratory bird in Cook County.
Virginia opossum carrying her babies on her back.
Virginia opposum (Didelphis virginiana) - Provides pest-control services by eating rodents and insects!