K-12 NGSS Teacher Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Are you interested in learning how to implement high-quality NGSS materials in your middle school or high school classroom? Join us for collaborative, foundational learning on these highly-rated, open-source units!

We are available to provide Certified OpenSciEd Professional Learning all year long!

Email Meghan at mmccle5@illinois.edu if you have questions or want to schedule professional learning at your school or district. 

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K-12 NGSS Teacher Professional Learning

Our programs can be leveraged to fit the needs of your school or district staff, including administrators and educational leaders, K-12 teachers, and those who want to implement NGSS-designed curriculum. Most programs are available both virtually and in person.

Extended Professional Development Programs

Our professional learning programs are designed to help K-12 science educators apply the pedagogical shifts described in A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards to their own teaching. Sessions are structured to immerse participants in three-dimensional learning experiences and provide space for discussion, reflection, equity and access, and planning for NGSS implementation.

We can facilitate programs not tied to specific curricula. These trainings are appropriate for mixed groups of K-12 teachers. Professional development systems that we use include:

Extended training can also be conducted on specific curricula. These trainings are more appropriate for grade bands of teachers (e.g. K-2 or middle school). We focus our efforts on high quality, open-source curricula like:

  • inquiryHub (iHub) Biology (High School)

  • inquiryHub (iHub) Chemistry (High School)

  • NextGen Science Storylines (K-8)

  • In progress pilot storylines written by Extension STEM Educators (Kindergarten & 3rd)

  • OpenSciEd Units (Middle School, High School)


Shorter Professional Learning Workshops

Available on a limited basis

NGSS for Administrators: An Introductory Guide to Implementation (K-12 Administrators)

This workshop is intended to introduce administrators to the NGSS, identify the support their teachers need, and get them thinking about how to make a successful transition. An introduction to NGSS, as well as research-based methods for implementation, will be discussed. Connect with other administrators and educators, get answers to your critical questions, and leave with a better idea of how to get your school on the right path.

EQuIP Yourself for NGSS - 2 parts (Grades K-12)

In this 2-3 session workshop, teachers will get to know the EQuIP Rubric for Science and begin to evaluate lessons and units for their alignment to the NGSS. Teachers will further develop their proficiency with the rubric by reviewing lessons or units for instructional supports and monitoring student progress. Attending one of our other NGSS sessions or a similarly rigorous session prior to this workshop is a prerequisite.

Evaluating and Creating NGSS Lessons and Units (Grades K-12)

In this full-day workshop, teachers will learn how to evaluate lessons and units with the EQuIP Rubric for science. They will also learn research-based strategies for their own unit and lesson planning. Participants will have in-depth conversations with their peers and have many opportunities for collaboration. It is a prerequisite that you attend an introductory Engineering NGSS session or are very familiar with the NGSS prior to this workshop.

Ready to start implementing the NGSS?

We are currently working towards the best practice of conducting extended teacher professional development programs. If you wish to start a conversation about fully integrating your teachers to the NGSS with extended teacher professional development, please contact Meghan McCleary or Sue Gasper.