Rainfall Management

Managing Stormwater

Rainfall Management with Extension: Find resources about stormwater management from rainwater harvesting to permeable pavement.

The Green Neighbor Guide from MWRD: Learn about stormwater solutions from our local Cook County officials.

Rain Barrels and Mosquitoes: Interested in rain barrels, but not the pests that come with standing water? Learn more about how to avoid mosquitoes while harvesting rainwater. 

Stream and Lake Buffers: Learn about how to protect local waterways by planting native buffers.

Rain Gardens

Rain Garden Requirements and Plant Lists: Learn if rain gardens are right for your property and how to install one.

Red Oak Rain Garden Plant Lists: Find recommended plants for your rain garden needs.

View of Lake Michigan and native plants.
View of Lake Michigan from the Burnham Wildlife Corridor. Credit: Elizabeth McDermott
Storm drain being inundated with water.