General Sustainable Landscape Practices

General Maintenance

Composting: Composting provides benefits to both the environment and the gardener. It reduces pressure on rapidly growing landfills and municipal com-posting facilities, and also produces a valuable resource to use in the garden. 

Environmentally Friendly Gardening: Enjoy your garden, and do what you can to help protect the environment that sustains it. 

Permeable Surfaces and Low Impact Development: Permeable surfaces consist of a variety of types of pavement, pavers and other devices that provide stormwater infiltration while serving as a structural surface. 

Integrated Pest Management

Backyard Mosquito Management

Controlling Pest Naturally with Beneficial Insects: Often the first reaction on seeing a bug is to get rid of it. However, only a small percent-age of insects are harmful.

Disease Resistant Plants: Avoiding pesticides by planting disease resistant plant varieties

Integrated Pest Management Tips: Integrated pest management or IPM strategies provided by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Lawn to Lake program

Natural Enemies Insect Photos and Description: Learn who these natural enemies are and what they like to eat

Trap Crops and Interplanting: Clever ways to outsmart insect pests.