Mark Vaughan - Featured Volunteer

A description of Mark Vaughan's "Sparrows don't get no respect" and how Mark went about creating a Rapid Color Guide for Sparrows.

Gary Morrissey - Featured Volunteer

Learn about Gary Morrissey's passions is getting students involved in these citizen science programs.

Cathy Walz - Featured Volunteer

Cathy had a passion for birds, but wanted to learn more. Through creating a field guide, she was able to expand her knowledge and help Chicago area residents identify warblers in the region. Learn about Cathy's experience of publishing a Warblers Field Guide.

Dave Branigan - Featured Volunteer

Dave has many experiences in Restoration and fighting the never-ending war on invasive and non-native species that disrupt our ecosystems. Learn more about Dave’s experiences with restoration and the Palos Restoration Project.

Len Piersialla - Featured Volunteer

Speaking and advocating for the amazing wonders of nature is always exciting for Len and his experience with Fridays in the Field gives him the opportunity to do so. Learn more about Len’s experiences with outreach and education.

Marnie Baker - Featured Volunteer

Being a Master Naturalist is not always outside, the Winter Work is just as important and helps others learn about nature. Learn about Marnie’s experience cataloguing and organizing the Sagawau library.

Sue Gulotta Maron - Featured Volunteer

Sue applied about the Master Naturalist program because of her love of nature, but gained so much more through taking the class. Learn more about Sue’s experience in the Master Naturalist Training.