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Our programs help individuals and organizations access the tools, training, and planning they need
to strengthen and improve their businesses and their communities.

Welcome Video

Webinar Series on Opening Restaurants during COVID-19 - Scaling UP Illinois Restaurant Operations: Financial Considerations (Part 1)

Scaling UP Illinois Restaurant Operations: Safety Considerations (Part 2)

COVID-19 Response: Local Government Cutback Budgeting Webinar - June 5

Illinois Extension parters with DCEO, Benton Institute, to offer Broadband Leadership Series (May 13 - June 3)

Guidance for local governments on OMA compliance (May 7 LGE Webinar)

What's Next: legal challenges related to COVID-19 for local governments (May 1 LGE Webinar)

Webinar offers best practices for disabilities in workforce development (Apr 23 LGE Webinar)

LGE webinar this Friday Apr 3: COVID-19 update for local officials 

Practical community management practices for ticks and mosquitoes (LGE Webinar)

Millions at stake in census; be counted

Organize your community resources when extreme weather hits(Mar 26 LGE Webinar)

Webinar reviews community access to broadband infrastructure funding (Mar 20 LGE Webinar)

Extension Offers Additional Webinars about Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program (Feb 28)

Illinois Extension CED and DCEO offer webinars to help communities access funding for broadband infrastructure (Feb 14, 21, and 28)

Illinois Extension to provide important webinar on fiscal sustainability for local government officials (Feb 20)

Illinois Extension encourages public agencies to host Illini Science Policy Fellows (Application Deadline: January 31)

Illinois Extension to provide Customer Service Training in Beardstown on January 22 (Jennifer Russell)

Illinois Extension to give Legislative Update on January 23 to Statewide Local Officials (Local Government Education Webinar)

Creative Planning with Innovate Springfield (Pam Schallhorn)

Students Learn Value of Shopping Local (Susan Odum)

Did you miss a past webinar in 2019? See our Local Government Education Webinar Archives

What Lenders in the US are saying about the Ag Economy (Pam Schallhorn)

Illinois Extension offers programming for coal-dependent communities (December Local Government Education webinars)

Sustainable Communities Site now LIVE!

Local Government Education Webinar (November 14) Minimum Wage in Illinois

Local Government Education - News Release for Webinar on 2020 Census

Beyond Coal: Illinois is Just Getting Started

Summer Interns Explore Stormwater Solutions

Illinois Extension is Poised to Offer Flood Recovery and Mitigation Resources

Local Government Education webinar addresses the importance of an accurate count in Counting for Dollars: Census 2020

Handing Off Your Business: The Future of Your Business Without You - Succession Planning (September webinar)

Project Rebound Announces Partnership with Galesburg Community Foundation

UI Extension Community and Economic Development: The Community Planning Process with Mercer County, Better Together

Local Government Education (LGE)

Leadership academies, webinars, and workshops are designed to strengthen the skills and increase the leadership capacity of elected and appointed officials. The webinar series offers timely information on topics that are important to community leaders, decision makers, agency staff, and government officials.

Community Survey Tool

Communities can not only turn to state- and county-level data for decision-making; they can also learn from primary data collected right in their own community. This online tool provides information on how to survey your community, a repository of questionnaire templates that you can edit and modify to meet your needs, and information on where to find secondary data that could also help you think of additional questions to ask your community.

Community Planning

Illinois Extension helps counties and communities develop comprehensive economic development initiatives and engage in participatory planning processes. 

Building Entrepreneurial Communities

Illinois Extension helps local officials and business leaders create economic development strategies and policies that support entrepreneurs and business development.

Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities connects Illinois communities to University of Illinois scholars and students, bringing the latest research findings to decision-makers, and helping researchers understand and address Illinois' most pressing sustainability challenges.


Extension Community and Economic Development (Video Clip)

Building Entrepreneurial Communities: Strategies for strengthening local economies.

Sustainable Communities: Connects Illinois communities to University of Illinois scholars and students, bringing the latest research findings to decision-makers, and helping researchers understand and address Illinois' most pressing sustainability challenge.

Campus Engagement in Our Unit: SERVICE and LEARNING provides the greatest potential to influence student development academically and socially.

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