Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Species Regulated by the Illinois Exotic Weed Act: This University of Illinois Extension Technical Forestry Bulletin provides written descriptions, images, and distribution maps for each invasive plant species regulated by the Illinois Exotic Weed Act (

The Problem of Invasive Species: Invasive plants out compete and crowd out native plants, especially rare, endangered, or fragile species. They reduce diversity and may create a monoculture. They destroy plants that native pollinators and other animals depend on for survival. 

Invasive Buckthorn and Honeysuckle: Methods and photographs for plant identification along with native plant look-alikes.

Invasive Winged Burning Bush Fact Sheet: Winged burning bush spreads by seed and root stem cuttings. Birds and small mammals will eat its fruits and deposit seeds over long distances. As it grows in dense thickets it displaces native plants and the native animals that depend on those plants are deprived of food and shelter.