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Pumpkin Smash

Jack o lantern with place and Time Flyer
Event Date(s)
Plant Chicago at 'the Firehouse', 4459 S. Marshfield Ave. Chicago IL 60609

Illinois is one of the top producers of pumpkins in the United States, but once Halloween fun is done, many of those pumpkins end up in landfills. Decomposing organics in landfills are a major source of methane emissions into our atmosphere, contributing to climate change. So don’t trash your pumpkin, smash it! 

In 2019, University of Illinois Extension in Cook County collected 3.17 tons of pumpkins, closing the food waste loop and providing a $5,712 value to Cook County residents.

Bring jack o lanterns, pumpkins, and gourds for composting. Please remove candles, ribbons or any other synthetic materials. All participants will be required to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing.

For any questions, please contact Sarah Batka at 217-300-8636 or