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School staff learn about challenges of living in poverty
Read article: East Peoria Junior High staff experience poverty simulation
East Peoria Junior High staff experience poverty simulation
For those who have never experienced poverty it is hard to imagine what is involved in navigating that day-to-day life. The stress and uncertainty...

News Releases

Community Members Participate in Live-Action Poverty Simulation
LITCHFIELD Ill. – Over forty community members throughout Montgomery County, participated in a poverty simulation offered by University of Illinois Extension at Lincoln Land Community College in Litchfield, on Saturday, November 9. The program entitled “Community Action Poverty Simulation” (CAPS...
Could You Survive A Month In Poverty?
The Center for American Progress reports in 2018, that Illinois has 12,503,720 people living in the state and 1,569,753 individuals (12.6%) living at or below the federal poverty guidelines.  The majority of these individuals are children and one in every six children in Illinois lives in...