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strawberry jelly
Yes! You CAN: Preserving Practice – Jams and Jellies
ELIZABETH, IL. Strawberry season is upon us, and fresh-picked strawberries are great! These sweet berries are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. If you have a bumper crop and want to enjoy the delectable tastes of these summer berries year-round, try preserving them. Nothing tastes...
lilacs in bloom
Lilac Care and Pruning
University of Illinois Extension is offering a workshop on basic care and pruning of lilacs, just in time for homeowners to learn what to do at this time of the summer to ensure full blooms next spring. Extension Master Gardener Michael Iacomini will be presenting this program on Thursday, June...
zombie hand
Zombie Apocalypse/ Natural Disaster Survival Workshop in Freeport
Learn important emergency preparedness techniques and safety rules in case there should ever be a zombie apocalypse or natural disaster! University of Illinois Extension will be offering a Zombie Apocalypse Survival workshop this summer. Interested youth may attend the clinic on June 28...
youth playing
Babysitting Clinic Planned for Stephenson County Youth
Take care of the kids in your neighborhood when their parents can't be with them! University of Illinois Extension will be offering a babysitting clinic this summer. Interested youth may choose to attend the clinic on June 21 at the Stephenson County Farm Bureau Building...
grapes on a vine
Learn to dehydrate fruits and vegetables
Dehydrating food is one of the oldest food preservation methods around. However, safely dehydrating is critical to enjoying dried goods months after harvesting. Whether you want to lighten the weight of your favorite foods for camping and backpacking or preserve fruits and vegetables for later...

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