T-Shirt Branding

Before you place that next t-shirt order, check out the new requirements for Extension wearables.

Let's dig deeper: All shirts issued by county or unit offices must include campus and Extension branding, including 4-H, Master Gardener, or Master Naturalist wearables. Local 4-H clubs are exempt.

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Cook County 4-H STEM

Extension wearables must include:

  • Trademark version of the Block I (in the appropriate color based on shirt color)
  • Extension name (using one of the required typefaces)

This is a change from past practices when we encouraged using the full Extension wordmark for program participant shirts. Now, instead of using a large wordmark as the focal point of our design, we can use high-quality design elements that represent us in the ways we want our audiences to see us. The Extension name can be more legible. The font choices add energy to the design that the formal wordmark does not have. You can

I love plants

learn more on the campus brand website. There may be special occasions when the full wordmark is appropriate, for example, on Extension employee shirts. For further discussion, contact Extension Art Director Matt Wiley. 

Shirt colors
The color of the shirt must be either navy blue, Illini orange, white, gray, or black. Specific shades of blue are also allowed. See the approved colors. Note: Green is not an approved shirt color. We understand green is popular for 4-H shirts, but our request for green shirts was not approved.


Imprint colors
Be sure to use the correct Block I color based on the color of the shirt. If imprint color is limited, you may request to use a solid white or solid black Block I. 

  • Use an orange Block I outlined in white on a navy shirt.
  • Use a blue Block I outlined in white on an orange shirt.
  • Use an orange Block I outlined in blue on a white shirt.
  • Use an orange Block I outlined in white on a dark gray shirt.
  • Use an orange Block I outlined in blue on a light gray shirt.
  • Use an orange Block I outlined in white on a black shirt.
    low budget


  • You are encouraged to put the trademark Block I on the sleeve of the shirt or at the top of the back (tag area) of the shirt. The Block I must be separate and distinct.
  • The Extension name can be incorporated in the shirt design or on the sleeve or back of the shirt.
  • Use approved fonts for the message and organization names. Do not use a cursive/script font for an organization name. Approved fonts include:
    • Source Sans
    • Fjalla One (for titles only)
    • Montserrat
    • SuperFly ($16 per user, for Brand Power I-Words and accent words only)





don't do this
don't do this







Because of size limitations with embroidery machines, embroidered shirts should use the regular Block I instead of the trademarked version. Embroidered shirts with the 4-H clover do not require the 18USC707 notation.

  • A lockup of the Block I with the Extension Name for use on the sleeve or the chest area of the garment is available upon request.

Need Design Help?

Contact Extension MarCom for merchandise design approval or assistance creating a clean, impactful, branded design.