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We have discontinued our stain solution website.

At Illinois Extension, our reputation is built on providing reliable, proven research-based information. It's behind every recommendation we provide, woven into the very fabric of every program, every encounter, and every word we write. Much has changed in the textile world since the Stain Solution website was created. We no longer have the expertise to confidently update the website to reflect those changes. 

We won't promise you something we can't stand behind. You deserve reliable information you can trust. 

Although we've discontinued the Stain Solutions website, there are still thousands of pages of content that can benefit your family, your business, and your communities. We hope you'll explore the many ways we can help you build a better world. When we are able to verify the information about stain removal, we'll begin again, a fresh start to helping you fix life's little hiccups.


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Tips for getting cows to breed early in the season

There are many reasons to maintain strict breeding windows and shorter calving windows. A tight 60-day calving window can aid in programming cow nutrition, concentrate labor, and certainly create a more uniform, marketable calf crop. If you have a spread-out calving season, consider breaking cows...
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clump of grass with dried curled leaves

Identifying Poverty Oat Grass

I love when plant identification is easy, when there’s one distinctive characteristic that makes a plant stand out from others around it, leaving no doubt what plant I’m looking at. It’s even better when that characteristic sticks around all year long, making the plant identifiable no matter the...
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iPad device showing the words "Mental Health Matters"

May is Mental Health Month

We live in a rapidly changing world that can be complex to navigate. About half of Americans can remember a time when we were not constantly connected and it was easier to tune out the noise of the world, while the younger half of the population can’t imagine life without the internet. Modern life...
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tax worksheet

Tax time financial review and decisions

As the April 15 tax deadline has just passed, most people have filed their income tax returns. What are you planning to do with your tax refund or how are you planning to pay any tax amount due? Knowing what to expect when filing your taxes can help you plan what decisions to make next. If you...
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Person paying attention to cattle feeding at a feed trough in a feedlot.

Cattle handling reminders

Isn’t it fun to watch people that are good at handling cattle? I love it. We all aspire to be better stockman and handling animals correctly is a big part of that goal. Investing time in animal handling skills improves quality of life, safety, health, and performance… for both animal and human....
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Red and golden beets with stems and leaves

Eating beets from root to stalk

How foods are prepared and the part of the food you eat makes a difference in enjoyment. Beets are an excellent example, since we can eat from root to stalk. For me, cooked beets are not a go-to food. (Except the Chocolate Beet Snack Cake in this post.) What I like from beets are the beet greens...
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butterfly on plant for illinois pollinator

Illinois Pollinators

Pollinators are vital to both plant life and human life on earth.

feeding baby spoonful of food

Feeding My Baby

When is the right time to introduce complementary foods?