Boston Ivy

Zone: 3-9

Size: A dense vine growing to 50+ feet and attaching itself by means of holdfasts (adhesive disks).

Location: Prefers full sun to shade locations

Flowering: The three-parted leaves are a glossy green during the growing season and change to a brilliant red-orange in the fall. It produces blue-black berries favored by birds. Boston Ivy also produces blue-black berries favored by birds.

Maintenance: Boston Ivy will need annual pruning in the spring to keep it from covering architectural features on structures.


  • 'Fenway Park': a golden leaved form of Boston ivy and
  • 'Lowii': a very small-leaved and slower-growing form for small space gardens.
  • 'Green Showers': a cultivar that offers lime-green foliage.

Additional notes: 

  • This is the classic vine seen on buildings associated with "ivy league" schools. 
  • Boston Ivy, Image Credit: John Ruter on