Cleome hassleriana
Cleome (Cleome hassleriana)

Airy, graceful plant with attractive foliage and an interesting combination of flowers and seed pods along tall stems. Taller varieties good for back of the border. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Tolerates dry soils but looks better with some moisture. The stems have thorns.

  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Mature Height: 18 Inches - 5 Feet
  • Soil Conditions: Moist, Well-Drained
  • Bloom Color: Lavender, Pink, White
  • Bloom Season: June - October
  • Hardiness: Half-Hardy Annual
  • Size: Medium, Tall
Caring for Cleome
  • Full sun, in moist well-drained soil.
  • Cleome will reseed and may become a permanent feature in the garden.
  • Overwatering and overfertilizing causes leggy growth.
  • Deadhead to encourage rebloom and to lessen the reseeding problem.