English Ivy Vine


Zone: 4-9

Size: A vigorous vine attaching by aerial roots and growing 50+ feet long.

Location: Prefers a part to full shade location.

Flowering: It is evergreen to semi-evergreen depending on where it is grown, and the severity of the winter. More sun and wind exposure results in discoloration of the foliage during the winter. In open locations and where it is exposed to more wind, the foliage tends to turn brown. New foliage will regrow in the spring. The vine is also a good groundcover

Maintenance: English ivy benefits from regular pruning in the spring to control growth which can become aggressive at times.

Cultivars: Cultivars to look for include 'Thorndale', with glossy, dark green foliage, and 'Wilson', a small-leaved form good for small space gardens. Variegated forms often need extra winter protection for survivability and their hardiness is often questionable.