Fringed Leaf Bleeding Heart

Fringed Leaf Bleeding Heart Dicentra formosa
Fringed Leaf Bleeding Heart (Dicentra formosa)
At a Glance
  • Exposure: Partial Sun/Shade
  • Mature Height: 15 to 18 Inches
  • USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 - 9
  • Soil Conditions: Moist, Well-Drained
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Bloom Color: Pink, Red, White
  • Bloom Season: May through August
  • Size: Medium

Features of Fringed Leaf Bleeding Hearts


Mounded plant form with fine textured fern-like foliage and exceptional long blooming season


  • Prefers a well-drained moist soil in a part to full shade site.
  • Needs rich organic soils that drains well especially during the winter.
  • Do not plant too deep as this will cause the plant to rot.
  • Uniform summer moisture ensures consistent summer flowering.