Fuschia Lady Eardrops
Fuchia (Fuchsia x hybrida)

Fuchsia are spectacular, but using the wrong ones for midwestern gardens spells disaster. If you like fuchsia and are tired of killing them, try growing the triphylla or three-leaf hybrids. These are also known as the European uprights and are great for the shady midwestern garden.

  • Exposure: Full Shade
  • Mature Height: 18 - 24 Inches
  • Soil Conditions: Moist, Well-Drained
  • Bloom Color: Bi-color, Pink, Red, White
  • Bloom Season: May - October
  • Hardiness: Tender Annual
  • Size: Medium
Caring for Fuschia
  • Partial shade in moist, well-drained organic soils.
  • Can be grown as garden plants or in containers.
  • Plants bloom on new growth so fertilize regularly to keep plant vigorous.
  • Do best in a shaded area and stands up to midwestern summers.