Virginia Creeper

Zone: 3-9

Size: A vigorous vine growing to 50+ feet and attaching by both tendrils and holdfasts.

Location: Prefers full sun to shade locations and is tolerant of droughts.

Flowering: Large five-parted leaves are purple in the spring and then change to a dull green during the growing season. Leaves then turn a brilliant red in the fall. The inconspicuous flowers develop into clusters of blue-black pea-sized berries that are often eaten by birds.

Maintenance: Heavy pruning in the spring may be needed to keep this aggressive vine in check.

Cultivars: Engelman is a cultivar that is less vigorous, has small leaves, and good for small spaces. 'Star Showers' is a variegated cultivar.

Additional notes: 

  • This vine is often mistaken for poison ivy that has three-parted leaves.