Kentucky Wisteria

Zone: A twining vine growing to 20-25 feet and needs a very substantial support as it becomes a very large and heavy vine over time.

Size: Vine grows 20-25 feet tall and climbs by means of aerial roots.

Location:  Prefers a sun location. (NOT SURE if this is correct)

Flowering: Less aggressive than some of the other wisteria. It produces long (8-12 inches) fragrant, pendant-like flowers in June with some rebloom late in the season. After flowering, long bean-like seed pods are produced.

Maintenance: Wisterias are slow to establish and even slower to start blooming. Three or more years is not uncommon. Failure to bloom is often linked to plants being too young, winter kill of flower buds, too much shade, overfertilization, or improper pruning. Pruning should be kept to a minimum, right after flowering or in late winter. Once established, plants do not like to be transplanted.

Cultivars: ‘Blue Moon’ is a cultivar from Minnesota that has fragrant blue flowers and is extremely hardy. While American wisteria flowers are smaller (4-6 inches long) the cultivar ‘Amethyst Falls’ is a good garden selection.

Additional notes: 

  • This wisteria is very similar to American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens).